Design & Layout

We use the latest AutoCad technology to determine the best layout of equipment. Our state of the art, high resolution, color plotter provides the necessary layout drawings. These are provided to our customers to assist in the visual process and areessential for our solutions.
Our rack systems are designed using Computer Aided Engineering software. This allows us to design rack systems to RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) specifications. The software provides us with a guaranteed structural design for all the types of rack that we supply.


Material Handling Equipment Installation

Storage Products Company has extensive experience in the installation of Storage Racking, Conveyor, Dock Equipment, Shelving, and Mezzanines. We are capable of providing mechanical installation for all of the equipment that we represent. Whether it is a new installation or relocation of existing equipment we will work with you to meet your financial, operational and scheduling opjectives.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment, it can also maintain productivity and efficiency levels for your business. Since the dock is the first and the last part of the product cycle in most facilities, your equipment should be performing at its highest level all of the time.


Equipment Inspections

Is your staff isn’t trained to identify structural problems that result from damage or improper loading? ┬áIf not, your racks may be unsafe. We visit your site, assess and report on the condition of your racks, and identify any operating practices that may be causing any safety issues.


Door, Dock Seal & Shelter Repair


Warehouse Rack Relocation